Our Services Include Flawless Hand Painted and Spray Painted Kitchen Transformations

At 'UK Kitchen Painters', our growing team of expert kitchen cabinet painters across the country, use only the finest and latest up to date products and materials, to deliver beautiful hand painted and spray painted finishes on all our kitchen projects.

Our stunning work, craftsmanship and attention to detail, can be found throughout some of the most prestigious and beautiful homes across the entire length of the UK and also Ireland.

The beauty of our bespoke, tailor made services, means we can deliver your dream kitchen makeover to make it look brand new.  We can fill existing cabinet hardware holes and supply and fit new handles of your choice, creating a whole new look.  

A hand painted or sprayed kitchen, whether it be a new installation or an existing fitted kitchen, can be transformed beyond all recognition as the colour palette choice and new hardware choices are endless.

Our members are experienced and skilled in both Hand Painted finishes and professionally sprayed finishes.

With our specialist primers we can paint almost any surface, including plastic vinyl wrapped MDF, metal glass and all wooden surfaces. The painting of your existing bespoke kitchen is equally important in that it keeps it looking fresh and clean. On average, a bespoke painted kitchen should be re painted every 5-7 years depending on usage. In some cases a clean down and one coat is often enough to bring it back to a new looking kitchen.

Before and After Photos Painted Kitchen Reading Berkshire

The below before and after photos is a typical example of how we can totally trasform the look of your kitchen. This cream plastic vinyl wrapped kitchen has been transformed with the equivalent of Farrow and Ball Hague Blue.  we also changed the cabinet hardware to beautiful polished chrome cup handles and ball cabinet knobs.  Changing the cabinet hardware adds the finishing touches to your new look painted kitchen.

The enthusiasm and commitment over several weeks preparation involving the removal of all doors and drawer fronts, and attention to detail was first rate. The finished kitchen is really a thing to behold - as good if not better than new - we are very pleased with the result and all of the hard work.

Robert Marshall, customer